The Executive Committee


  1. Present and discuss the future of the QA center and the relevant units at IAU colleges.
  2. Monitor the implementation of IAU assessment policies and procedures at IAU.
  3. Implement the action plans and the training schedules of the QA center in fulfillment of its vision, mission, and objectives.
  4. Form committees for the training and the technical support from the members of QA units and committees in fulfilment of the QA plans.
  5. Discuss the periodic reports for implementing the policies and the plans at the colleges and the academic programs.
  6. Identify the points of weaknesses in student practices and develop the appropriate mechanisms to remedy, support the points of strengths and disseminate the best practices.
  7. Identify the needs of the QA units at IAU colleges including equipment, facilities, and technical expertise.
Published on: 02 November 2021
Last update on: 02 November 2021
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