In conformity with the vision and mission of Imam Abdelrahman Bin Faisal University, the Quality of Assessment and Examinations Center was founded to achieve excellence and leadership in teaching and learning. Assessing the academic achievement of students proves to be a significant indicator and predictor of an effective teaching/ learning process and the fulfilment of a graduate’s job specification. Accordingly, developing policies, systems and procedures that are in reference and benchmarked with the international, regional, and national standards is inevitable. This is to ensure the quality of students’ assessment.

Developing policies, systems and procedures is not limited to the devotion and excretion of efforts to execute, monitor, and assess policies’ efficiency and sustainability. Also, it requires a ceaseless development and use of technology in assessment and examinations’ procedures through automating as an example. Hence, for achieving excellence and leadership, the center seeks the automation of students’ assessment and examinations’ systems in IAU. Proceeding from those principles, the center comprises three main units as follow: Policies, Training & Technical Support, Measurement & Examinations and Follow up, Reports & Studies (Research & Development Unit). Importantly, the center is directed/oriented by a realistic vision, ambitious mission, governing values, comprehensive objectives, KPIs and specific roles and tasks of its units. Finally, the Quality of Assessment and Examinations Center cooperates wholeheartedly with all IAU faculties, academic units, and deanships in relevance.


To achieve excellence and leadership in developing systems and mechanisms of students’ assessment and examinations nationally, regionally, and internationally.


Develop, set and implement clearly-stated and objective policies, systems and mechanisms for student evaluation and examinations achieving quality standards and accreditation nationally and internationally.

Governing Values

  1. Fairness, Transparency and Objectivity.
  2. Responsibility Taking.
  3. Mastery, Accuracy and Discipline.
  4. Cooperation, Collaboration& Integration.
  5. Excellence and Leadership.
  6. Appreciation of time value and others’ opinions.
  7. Commitment to the ethics code and profession code of conduct.


The QA Centre aims to:

  1. Improve student assessment and examinations practices of faculty members.
  2. Enhance the automation of assessment systems and tools.
  3. Monitor the quality of assessment and examinations.
  4. Improve the efficiency of operational processes and procedures in accordance with the best practices for quality performance.
  5. Develop professional and research projects in student assessment-related topics.
Published on: 07 January 2019
Last update on: 02 November 2021
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