University Executive Committee:

  • University's president
  •  Vice President of the University
  • Dean of Scientific Research
  •  Chair Supervisor
  • Supervisor of the Office of Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange
  • A distinguished professor of specialists from the university

Functions of the Executive Committee:

  • Drafting policies for chair management
  • Approval of the annual financial report
  •  Approval of technical and annual reports
  •  Adoption of the budget and fiscal policy
  •  Hiring an external auditor
  • Submitting a detailed annual report to the University’s Council

Chair Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Supervising the financial and administrative matters of the chair
  •  Approval of contracts to be signed with consulting agencies
  • Raising the names of the candidates from researchers and technical staff
  •  Preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the Executive Committee
  • Preparing annual reports on the chair's performance
  •  Representing the chair in all offices and institutes inside and outside the university
  •  Supervising the chair's research activities
  •  Hiring arbitrators to review the progress of the activities of the Chair

Duties of the Scientific Committee:

Supervising the chair's research activities
Approval of proposed research projects
 Appointment of arbitrators to review the progress of the activities of the Chair
Suggestion of consultants for the chair
Reviewing and approving the budget for each research activity
Nomination of the chair professor

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