The Deanship of Academic Development has its own building with a number of educational halls that provide an educational and interactive environment for training activities. All these facilities are equipped with modern presentation technologies and training tools.

  • Auditorium 1 (Al-Elm) - 196 seats.
  • Auditorium 2 (Al-Noor) - 96 seats.
  • Multi-purpose training room A (Al-Ma’arefa) – Room capacity is 40.
  • Multi-purpose training room B (Al-Ebtikar) - Room capacity is 30.

Elements of the Training Facilities

All of the training facilities have free internet, and contain advanced e-podiums, sound systems, and projectors. In addition to, training tools are available such as personal voting systems (CLICKERS), pointers, flip-charts, boards and side screens.

Beneficiaries of the Deanship Facilities

All facilities are available to the beneficiaries from within the university and from outside the university upon the approval of a certain activity to be held.


Deanship of Academic Development
Phone: 013-333-2850

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