In light of the vision of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University and its mission, the Deanship of Academic Development plays a key role in raising the efficiency of the performance of the inputs and outputs of the university educational system. Through six major initiatives and more than 20 programs, the Deanship has provided services to thousands of beneficiaries both inside and outside of the university in order to meet the requirements of education development and the urgent needs of the academic community. These efforts aim to improve the University teaching and learning practices in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework and the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, leading to the empowerment of faculty members and the expansion of opportunities for student learning and participation. In addition, the Deanship seeks to spread a culture of development and continues learning in both the university community and the local community.


Empower the academic community to innovate and impact education.


Enhance educators with the core values, professional knowledge, evidence-based competences, and shared practice that inspire high-quality teaching and learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.


  • Integrity: Holding the highest ethical standards for our work and practices
  • Visionary: Striving for cutting-edge academic development that expands possibilities
  • Quality-Driven: Exceeding quality standards in all aspects of our organization and activities
  • Diversity: Embracing the diverse needs, disciplines, and characteristics of our stakeholders
  • Partnership-Focused: Nurturing networks of partners that provide mutual cooperation and added value
  • Community-Based: Impacting the wider community of learners through sustainable academic development


  1. Innovate and deliver academic programs and activities to improve faculty competencies and achieve high-quality teaching and learning experiences in the colleges
  2. Provide an efficient use of resources and infrastructure facilities that will maximize the Deanship activities
  3. Develop and maintain the human resources capacity for Deanship advancement and sustainability
  4. Cultivate and advance the quality evaluation and research practices that benefit the academic community
  5. Establish and expand community engagement and strategic partnerships
  6. Ensure and implement a quality assurance and development system.

Target Groups

  • Faculty members and any instructional staff; and
  • Stakeholders from departments and colleges.
Published on: 09 April 2014
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