Greetings and a warm welcome from the Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation.   I hope you will find the content of this page useful. I appreciate your opinions, comments and valuable suggestions that will contribute to the continuous improvement of this Deanship.

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It is well known that the Saudi government and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques are committed to higher education through the establishment of academic institutions and the opening of centers that are intrinsically linked to the various needs of the Kingdom's communities. On the basis of this commitment and in response to the tireless efforts by the Ministry of Higher Education, Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University has focused on translating these interests and policies into reality, by taking into account the increasing demand of the community for higher education as well as the various requirements necessary for comprehensive development.
Universities are established on strong foundations from which the building blocks of development and progress towards excellence are constructed. The foundation of quality is at the forefront of IAU where academic accreditation is one of the University’s main goals.  In this context, the University is taking a quantum leap in the field of capacity development and the quality of performance, in order to address the urgent demand for improvement and continuous development in various areas in order to cope up with the rapid developments taking place in the environment of higher education.  The DQAA was established to understand, enhance and strengthen the academic system of IAU. The Deanship is a reflection of University’s determination to raise the level of quality of performance and achievement in education, research and community service.
The main responsibilities of the Deanship are as follows:

  • Supervise quality improvement, training and development at the University.
  • Encourage and assist colleges in order to provide programs consistent with the criteria of academic accreditation and overall quality.
  • Evaluate these programs periodically, so that they can be in line with continuous scientific and practical developments in order to elevate the University to an unprecedented level that is recognized locally, regionally and globally, and to meet the requirements of the national development plans in the Kingdom.
  • To provide guidance, expert advice and mechanisms required in order to achieve various recognized academic, professional, national and international accreditation and certification for institutions, programs and laboratories.
  • To monitor the international ranking of the University and provide advice and tools for improvement.

May Almighty Allah guide us and bring success to us all.

Dr. Ahmad Bin Abdullah Al- Kuwaiti
Dean, Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation

Published on: 06 August 2015
Last update on: 16 January 2024
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