Vice Deanship of University Studies for Admissions and Registration

The Admissions and Registration Department of the Office of the Dean of University Studies is affiliated with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University. This Department provides both women students and their parents with information related to the admissions and registration process, as well as with details regarding the students’ rewards.

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The Office of the Director for Teaching Staff and Personnel Affairs

Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs provides services related to women students for all deanships, departments and colleges at IAU. This department is made up of five divisions: Financial Affairs, Administrative Communications, Maintenance, Purchasing and Warehouses and General Services. 

Location:  Building No. 300, First Floor, offices:  F15, F7, F8, F14, F18, F19, F20 and F22.

Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office is a significant administrative office for the University.  This office works with various entities both inside and outside of IAU. The Public Relations Office is continually involved in establishing and building ties between the University's students, faculty and staff and the community by publicizing the numerous research acheivements and activities, both academically and scientifically, that are taking place at IAU, creating a connection between the University and public and private institutions in the community. This office is concerned with the University's public image and continually works to present a correct image of IAU that accurately reflects the University's objectives and achievements. The Office of Public Relations is committed to the promotion of IAU, both within and outside the University.  

University Guidance Center

Alumni and Career Development Center

Information Technology Center

The Technology Center provides services for application systems, maintenance, training, and electronic communications.  It supports the academic process by facilitating and supporting technology and the automation of administrative tasks. The Center includes the following divisions: Applied Systems and Internet services, Technical Support and Networking and Training and Technical Education.

Telephone:  013-3331111
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The Medical Library is one of the many branch libraries under the auspices of the Office of the Dean for Library Affairs. The Office of the Dean for University Studies works with the Coordinator of Library Affairs for the Women's section of the Medical Library at the College of Medicine.

The College of Medicine's Library hours:  Saturday to Thursday:  8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The library is open all year,  except for Saudi Arabia's National Day and other government holidays.

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