The Directorate of Community Partnership was established by the decision of H.E, President of IAU, No. (6837) on 5/2/ 1444H and it is one of the Directorates associated with the Office of the Vice President for Development and Community Partnership. Its strong pillars depends on the former Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development, which works to promote and consolidate the concepts of community service, and improve the community performance per the highest standards of quality, as it also contributes to achieving the national strategic dimensions and objectives in general and the university’s in particular, by mapping a clear roadmap of clear features and visions to achieving community cohesion, in addition to enhancing effective community partnership with various sectors to make the university -in its local community- a center for civilizational boosts progress and prosperity of development process for our beloved country. Directorate of Community Partnership is proud to take over this role in an effective and fruitful integration with all colleges, support deanships, departments, and hospitals of the university.



To excel in community service to be framed institutionally. 



To activate IAU role in serving the community and fostering relations with community institutions via a sustainable partnership. 



  • To implement policies of community-service via use of modern technologies with high-quality standards. 
  • To home and translate knowledge in field of community-service.
  •  To achieve community integration via strategic partnership with private and governmental sectors. 
  • To direct IAU outlets for community-service under the umbrella of the social responsibility.
  • To enhance volunteering concepts suitably with community service  
Published on: 09 April 2014
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