“Vibrant Society” a vision of our home, an ambitious dream, led by the leaders of this country -May Allah consolidate them-, following their steps our IAU endeavors, from their will IAU gained its values and targets of community service, from their giving career we take high sense of responsibility and limitless social donations where IAU built its strategy in a sustainable willingness depending on providing most of its services in an effective social partnership while monitoring community needs to translate that into qualitative initiatives and activities keep abreast to the circumstances, and share in setting creative solutions along with enhancing the concepts of social responsibility and volunteering.  Moreover, it exerted efforts for widening the scope of integrative partnerships with both governmental as well as private and charitable sectors to guarantee a great impact and to excel in performance to promote us to positive rivalry and pioneering model as part and parcel of the national duty required from the higher education, and as constant belief leads for achieving of the future visons and aspirations of the development across our beloved country.    Meanwhile Community Partnership Directorate of IAU, with its future vison and aspiration calls all sectors to integrate efforts for an ambitious country and a vibrant society and a pioneering university. 


Najah bint Salih Almihemid

Published on: 07 July 2020
Last update on: 12 October 2022
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