Community Partnership Unit

Community Partnership Unit has worked to expand the university's relations with various sectors and directly coordinated to conclude partnerships of integrative mutual collaboration for achieving social services of a sustainable development impact, based on IAU scope of work that calls for expanding community service at the level of academics and research as well as opening of horizons towards more opportunities for integrative partnerships with various sectors in order to provide programs, studies and qualitative projects to meet the needs of the community.


Social Responsibility Unit

The unit invites the university’s employees to practice a set of principles and values in the areas of community service within the university’s basic functions (teaching, learning, scientific research, and community service), by holding training programs that are offered to university employees. The unit also supervises the social responsibility bank platform which is:

electronic platform that allows the university to deposit the contributions of its employees in the university outlets of social responsibility as bank balances and convert these contributions into an equivalent value throughout the year on a sustainable basis.


Volunteering Unit

The unit supervise all accounts that provide volunteer opportunities related to IAU and follows the performance on the National Volunteering Platform affiliated to Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. The unit also provides training workshops for university employees on the mechanism of using the national platform for volunteering.



Development Initiatives Unit

The role of this unit is to expand the scope of the social services provided by IAU and its employees in coordination with Social Responsibility Unit and Volunteering Unit, in addition to supervising the implementation of operating plans of partnerships with various sectors. 


Central Unit

The role of this unit is to coordinate between our directorate and other various units of the university. It started awareness campaigns about the importance of social service inside the university to increase level of the social service as a compulsory requirement of the university accreditation processes over the level of the academic programs and institutionally. 


Quality & Documentation Unit

   The role of this unit is to support CPD for achieving the institutional accreditation standards and the strategic goals of the university along with documents controlling, monitoring and analysis procedures, and issuance of reiterators with follow up for the outcomes level. 

Financial & Administrative Affairs Unit

This unit is dedicated for providing basic administrative services related to employees where it concerns with management, training, development, planning, performance evaluation, and communications for the purpose of achieving the best of productivity and IAU goals. It also concerns with financial and accounting issues per the official regulations. 


Media & General Public Relations Unit

 This unit is the linking ring between CPD and its internal and external partners. It displays the achievements as it depicts the mental image and the positive impression about CPD and IAU higher mission of its role in field of community service. It also participates other IAU internal units and the external governmental or private sectors in implementing activities, lectures, and symposia along with publishing such activities on the digital media-platforms of the university.  

Published on: 12 October 2022
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