About the Central Unit

The Central Unit is the focal point between the Directorate of Community Partnership, the deanships, and the colleges. It coordinates and supervises through the support units at the university level in relation to the policies, procedures, and operational plans of the Community Partnership.

Tasks of Central Unit Official

  1. To continuously contact community-partnership various units at the level of the institution and organize periodical meetings with the ad hoc officials. 
  2. To publicize the polices and procedures related to community-partnership at the level of the institution.
  3. To follow-up the operational plans related to the unit of community-partnership at the level of the institution.
  4. To sort out and collect all the needs of the community via the investigation tools along with circulating them to IAU other units. 
  5. To follow-up the implementation of all tasks should be implemented by the support unit at the level of IAU through the electronic platforms of community service. 
  6. To disseminate community-service culture as well as social responsibility and voluntary work among IAU community members. 
  7. To propose the tools could contribute to developing the work mechanism whether in the central unit or the support units.
  8. To follow-up the performance of support units across the university with spotting the strengths, weaknesses, and to facilitate the difficulties and obstacles encounter the work.

Tasks of Support Unit Official

  1. To coordinate activation of community-partnerships and putting on its policies and procedures along with following-up the updates and related issued circulars as a loop links between senior and subordinate entities.  
  2. To guarantee the liaison between the departments related to the Support Unit.
  3. To receive annual reports sent to the Support Unit by the end of each academic year.
  4. To send the operational plans of Community-Partnership to the competent units annually by the beginning of each academic year.
  5. To attend the periodical forums organized by Community-Partnership Central Unit. 
  6. To collaborate in activating the partnerships concluded with various sectors. 
  7. To have full training related to e-platforms for coordinating work with Community-Partnership units. 
  8. To provide Community-Partnership employees with decent educational and technical support related to voluntary work, community service, and e-platforms.
  9. To meet the needs of the employees of the Support Unit to assure they are active enough through providing training workshops and awareness-forums.  
  10. To be fully aware of reports generating, KPIs of work, and other quality requirements. 
  11. To fulfill works documentation through the e-platforms and present voluntary opportunities along with verification of inputs. 
  12. To follow-up the KPIs through the e-platforms and guarantee the interaction with the partners of voluntary work and social responsibility.
  13. To summate the difficulties that hinder the efficiency and activation of Community-Partnership role with partners to facilitate it. 


Published on: 12 March 2024
Last update on: 17 March 2024
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