To be the forerunner in graduate studies and scientific research in the Kingdom and to contribute effectively to the enrichment of scientific research and knowledge internationally.


To create an environment where faculty, staff and students can discover and fulfill their potential, while maintaining and expanding the University’s leading position in graduate studies.  Support and oversee the University’s commitment to academic distinction in research, scholarship and instruction by providing exceptional graduate programs.  Create an ideal environment for scientific research, while expanding partnerships with prestigious academic institutions within and outside the Kingdom, in order to fulfill the University’s potential for becoming one of the preeminent research universities in the Kingdom.


  • Continually assess, develop and expand the graduate programs in order to keep pace with the Kingdom’s requirements.
  • Apply the benefits garnered from the University’s scientific research to further the development plans of the University.
  • Attract, support and retain renowned professionals and researchers for the University.
  • Provide appropriate, effective research support to meet the needs of scientific research.
  • Encourage and financially support innovative scientific research.
  • Attract qualified, distinguished researchers.
  • Build and strengthen ties between the University and both government agencies and private sector organizations in order to provide financial resources that will support and contribute to research excellence.
  • Enhance research partnerships both internally and externally.
  • Develop policies and regulations that support excellence and innovation in scientific research and graduate studies.
Published on: 14 April 2014
Last update on: 08 November 2022
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