Leadership in Islamic Sharia laws as well as Judicial and Jurisprudence subjects locally, regionally and globally.


Leadership in qualifying scientifically competent experts in the fields of Islamic jurisprudence, judiciary and laws distinguished with good jurisprudential skills practical experience, and competence in dealing with contemporary and new legal developments.


  1. Achieve educational and professional quality in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence and Fundamental of Islamic Jurisprudence. 
  2. Building a matrix of competencies consisting of knowledge, skills and values necessary for qualifying the judges, lawyers, researchers and the legal advisors.
  3. Developing the skills of scientific research in Islamic legal sciences for the all participants in this Program.
  4. Preparation of highly skilled graduates distinguished with best understanding and good perception of Islamic jurisprudence and reality, and in the quality of deriving sound judgment on the real facts.
  5. Graduation of students having the ability to desire to continue their higher learning education and qualified to work in both government and private sectors.
  6. Preparing graduate students combining between scientific competences, moderate characters and having the better dealing in matters of differences and disputes. 
  7. Graduation of students (graduates) with ability to bear the responsibility, good conduct and character, commitment to value and productive community members. 
  8. Preparing qualified education seekers graduates for life with their self-personal skills.

Career opportunities 

  1. Judiciary.
  2. Judges' deputies.
  3. Public Prosecution.
  4. Law and Arbitration.
  5. Issuing Fatwas.
  6. University education.
  7. Advocacy and Counselling.
  8. Legal and Islamic Sharia consultation 
  9. Sharia supervision in Islamic banks and financial institutions.
  10. Legal Researcher.