A pioneering college that achieves excellence in Sharia, legal and judicial sciences; teaching, research, and community service; locally and regionally.


Prepare and qualify distinguished national competencies that contribute to the development of society and the service of belief and the nation in the Sharia, legal and judicial fields.


Belonging; mastery; team spirit; diversity; creativity; social responsibility; universalism; Alwasatia; moderation; justice; partnership; transparency


  1. Contributing to achieving the goals of the university and its functions in teaching, research, and community service
  2. Caring for education in Sharia, Law and Judicial Sciences and facilitating it for students.
  3. Contributing to community service and fulfilling the labor market need from specialists in the Sharia, legal and judicial fields.
  4. Establishing the method of Alwasatia and moderation, and spreading Sharia, legal and judicial awareness among members of society.
  5. Linking theoretical Sharia, legal and judicial knowledge to practical and life applications.
  6. Caring for specialized Sharia, legal and judicial research, and studies.

Career opportunities 

  1. Judiciary.
  2. Judges' deputies.
  3. Public Prosecution.
  4. Law and Arbitration.
  5. Issuing Fatwas.
  6. University education.
  7. Advocacy and Counselling.
  8. Legal and Islamic Sharia consultation 
  9. Sharia supervision in Islamic banks and financial institutions.
  10. Legal Researcher.
Published on: 11 June 2016
Last update on: 07 September 2020
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