Scientific research is one of the most important elements of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which aspires to transfer the national oil-based economy to the knowledge economy. Creative and innovative knowledge aimed at sustainably growing and expanding development has become a critical component of global competitiveness, As part of this precious homeland, Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University has been committed to supporting and strengthening scientific research through the provision of research tools and capabilities in order to ensure competitiveness and productivity, and to occupy a leading position among countries with a strong national economy, focused on excellence and sustainability. The Basic and Applied Scientific Research Center in the Al Rayyan Complex provides an incubator environment for all relevant scientific research conducted by university researchers under the Deanship of Scientific Research. By contributing to the enrichment of scientific, biological, industrial, and environmental health knowledge through distinguished research, the Center assists the University in fulfilling its scientific research mission by solving scientific, mathematical, and applied problems from societal reality produce distinguished research that enriches knowledge about science, biology, industry, and environmental health. The Center aims to provide a distinguished and suitable scientific environment for researchers, managed by a highly qualified administrative, technical, and academic system. In addition to chemical catalysts, biotechnologies, nanomaterials, and their applications, the center has a number of specialized units with clearly stated research priorities. The center supports all research related to environmental sustainability and basic needs, so that the country becomes a global model when it comes to protecting the environment and providing humans with water, food, and energy in a sustainable manner by developing environmentally friendly technologies to supply and desalinate water, as well as modern and sustainable technologies to increase food production and space, studies of community problems and statistical models, as well as green technologies and carbon capture, use, and storage techniques. Furthermore, we at the Center for Basic and Applied Scientific Research are aware of the importance of our role in achieving the goals and aspirations of the country within the framework of its research priorities, contributing to the development of the national research, development, and innovation strategy, and participating in its ambitious national programs based on research and development.

Director of Basic and Applied Scientific Research Center 

Dr. Amal Lafy Alotaibi

Published on: 18 December 2019
Last update on: 03 November 2022
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