Services provided to The Researchers from inside and outside the college

The Basic and Applied Scientific Research center offers a variety of services as part of its
purpose to assist researchers and ongoing projects, enabling them to carry out high-quality
research through:

  1.  Providing chemicals and consumables to researchers in accordance with the strategic plan of the center's units
  2.  Analysis of samples on public devices in the CORE LAB laboratories at the BASRC Research Center.
  3. Analysis of samples on public devices in the CORE LAB laboratories at the BASRC Research Center using sensitive specialized instruments such as NMR, LCMS, GCMS in accordance with the controls and policies of the BASRC Research.
  4.  Prepare samples for analysis on specialized and general devices according to the Center's controls.
  5. provide imaging services using the scanning electron microscope device according to the center's controls.
  6.  Provide imaging services on the DIGITAL imaging microscope device for tissue slides according to the center's controls.
  7. Analyze sensitive NMR devices as directed by the center.
  8.  Consulting services in the design of the study, calculation of sample sizes, development of a statistical plan, and conduct of descriptive and inferential statistical analyses to ensureappropriate statistical analysis.
  9. Conducting training workshops (for technicians, members, or students)
Published on: 29 September 2019
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