Our beloved country is witnessing cultural and technological transformations through the Kingdom's 2030 Vision that has clear cut goals and principles that aims at becoming a technological and regional center.

The University is seeking to keep up with these aspirations and distinctive vision therefore, the Center of Scientific Publications is working hard to achieve the Kingdom's vision and keep abreast with developing the field of its various activities to promote faculty members' scientific production, and that if fit to become an international center for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and supports the knowledge, culture and civilization economy and to participate in nourishing the scientific production whith in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The head of scientific achievements in the Kingdom, may God protect him honored the University's increasing scientific and research successes by issuing a decree to establish a center for scientific publications in the University on Rajab 2, 1434 AH in order to become a research and researchers gateway where qualified faculty members can safely publish their work. The Council of Higher Education’s decision was approved by a Royal Decree on Ramadan 22, 1434 H.

The Center of Scientific Publications was established in 1434/1435 AH with highly qualified staff members who work day and night to publish and broaden scientific productions of IAU's faculty members. The University represented by the center are on a mission to maintain a high standard level of education and scientific production by providing an exceptional academic, psychological and social environment that supports creativity, excellence, innovation and enriching the talents of the scientific competencies available in our University.

Dr. Haya Abu Bushait

Published on: 26 October 2014
Last update on: 28 May 2018