The Documents and Archives Center was established based on the letter of the Director of the National Center for Documents and Archives at the Royal Court No. 237 dated 08/28/1417 AH, based on Royal Decree No. 372/7/AD dated 1/1/1417 AH regarding the establishment of a documentation center for each government agency, according to which a decision was issued His Excellency the President of the University No. 1293/2/1/32, dated 08/22/1432 AH, establishing the University's Documents and Archives Center


To be a center of excellence at the local, national and regional levels that contributes in promoting the integration and partnership with concerned parties, preserving the University’s work documents, historical documents from the Eastern Province and surrounding areas as well as other important documents.  The kinds of documentation may include:  records, deeds, manuscripts, archives, pictures and film. The Center will provide access to the University’s students and all beneficiaries in the easiest and most expedient ways within a professional framework using advanced mechanisms and techniques.


Provide all legitimate methods and technological capabilities to develop documentation mechanisms and provide distinguished services for concerned parties through documenting programs and systems and apply the best practices according to international standards. This will allow the Center to be able to provide the proper care of significant official documents coming from the University’s different departments; preserving, acquiring, organizing and archiving all types and kinds of “documents” in order to make them available for all beneficiaries as quick as possible and with the lowest cost. After that, work will begin on replacing the University’s paper documents with digital ones in order to have a paperless archive for the University’s work documents.


  • Collecting, organizing, and archiving university documents.
  • Work according to the rules and regulations of the National Center for Documentation and Archive.
  • Cooperation with beneficiaries by activating the partnerships and community activities of the Center for Documents and Archives.
  • Raising the professional competence of the staff of the Documents and Archives Center through continuous training.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of electronic documents and transactions for university employees.
  • Coordination and cooperation with the internal authorities at the university in everything related to the application of the documents and archives system, its executive regulations, and administrative procedures as stipulated in the regulations of the National Center for Documents and Archives.
  • Optimal investment of the university's material and human resources.
  • Increasing the efficiency of work using information and communication systems. 


  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Distinction
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
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