At the National Center, the system of documents and archives has been put into practice, and for this purpose it may take all means that enable it to carry out this task.

The National Center for Archives and Records' Tasks

  1. Preparing scientific and technological systems for necessary administrative procedures related to preserving documents such as; categorizing, cataloging, labeling, preserving, as well as conserving them.
  2. Collecting all the regulations, instructions and agreements in order to print and publish them.
  3. Technical supervision and following-up on governmental agencies to keep their documents protected and to easily provide documents, archived information and data for beneficiaries.
  4. Correspond with different documents agencies in the Kingdom to exchange experiences.
  5. Achieve cooperation between international agencies that specialize in documents and archives through:
    • Participating with international and local agencies that are concerned with documents and archives.
    • Exchange information with different national documents centers around the world.
    • Working with specialized agencies to locate competent Saudis to work in this field.
    • Supervising the documents destruction process.
    • Create a database to link various documents centers to governmental agencies.
    • Spreading awareness and knowledge in the field of documentation.
Published on: 13 February 2018
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