Dr. Abeer Ali Mohammed Rashid
Director of the University Counseling Center
Email: aarashed@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 30841

 Dr. Ahmed Amr Abdullah Mohammed
Clinical Psychotherapy Consultant
Email: aamohamed@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 30846

 Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mubarak
Email: malmobarek@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 33802

Dr. Khaldoun Ibrahim al-Dababi
Student advisor
Email: kaldababi@iau.edu.sa

 Dr. Ahmed Saleh Raja Nawafleh
Student Advisor 
Email: asnawaflh@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 31503

Dr. Mohammad Al Zahrany
Student Advisor 
Email: mazahrani@iau.edu.sa

Dr. Malek Gedetawy
Student Advisor 
Email: mtmustafa@iau.edu.sa

 Dr. Islam Eid Rifai Yahya
Student Advisor
Email: ieREFAEI@iau.edu.sa

 Dr. Suleiman Naji Al-Masarweh
Student advisor
Email: snalmasarweh@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 32241

 Dr. Raqiah Galal
Student Advisor
Email: rgeldweek@iau.edu.sa:
Ext: 37191

 MRS. Reem Alshehri
Technical Coordinator
Email: rdalshehri@iau.edu.sa:
Ext: 30885

 MRS. Huda Zahid
Administrative Coordinator
Email: hilzahid@iau.edu.sa:
Ext: 30849

 MRS Razan Alharbi
Technical Coordinator
Email: raalharby@iau.edu.sa 

MRS. Nouf Alaradi
Administrative Coordinator
Email: nsalaradi@iau.edu.sa:
Ext: 30850

 Dr. Eman Saeed

Student Advisor

Email: ismmostafa@iau.edu.sa

MA. Asma Khataynah
Student Advisor
Email: aalktatnh@iau.edu.sa:
Ext: 38068

 MRS Nouf Al Khalaf
Student Advisor
Email: nalkhaf@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 38252

 MRS Fatima Ismail
Student Advisor
Email: Fhismael@iau.edu.sa:
Ext: 38441

MRS Hana Al-Takheem
Student Advisor
Email: haltakeem@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 38092

 MRS Maryam Bazron
Student Advisor
Email: msbazroon@iau.edu.sa:
Ext. 38728

 MRS Maha Al-Otaibi
Student Advisor
Email: mkalotebi@iau.edu.sa:
Ext. 38727

 MRS Sarah Mohsen
Student Advisor
Email: snalmohsen@iau.edu.sa:
Ext. 38751

 MRS Jawaher Al-Otaibi
Student Advisor
Email: jqalotiby@iau.edu.sa
Ext: 38620

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