All students can access the clinical services available at the University Counseling Center, which are:


Individual Counseling

  • Psychological Counseling: 

We provide individual counseling services to all Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University students, faculty members, and employees on a variety of topics, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, stress, conflicts, grief, marriage problems, smoking and addiction problems, and life decision-making.

  • Academic Counseling:

We provide one-by-one counseling for students who have academic problems. Our staff provides services to help students deal with exam anxiety, educational stress, learning difficulties, learning strategies, developing learning skills, time management, and teamwork skills.

  • Occupational Counseling:

We apply a range of career orientation scales to help students determine their career orientation. We also provide a career guidance service by discussing with students about their interests related to current and future career orientation programs. The University Counseling Center also cooperates closely with Alumni and Career Development Center.



It is a service for individuals with similar interests to support their emotional, behavioral, psychological, and social development. The service may include holding psychological, educational, and methodological sessions that take between 6-8 sessions, where one group includes 2-8 persons.

  • Psychological Evaluation

The University Counseling Center provides psychological assessment for the abilities and characteristics of the students in the light of highly psychometric tests congruent with the Saudi environment. The tests are programmed electronically so that it is easy to reveal the results of the student after the completion of the assessment. The clinical psychologist also provides a psychological session at the center to discuss the test results to enable students to understand What the evaluation results indicate.

  • Awareness Services

We make use of every opportunity possible to provide awareness. We are always present at the various events that take place throughout the university. We have expanded the scope of our services by providing the service through 23 units of counseling in the colleges, major headquarters, and other sub-units of the university by using awareness means such as e-messages, flyers, brochures, poster ads, and the screens located throughout the university.

Emergency Cases Intervention 

Intervention protocol
  •  An intervention plan is a service provided to a student who suffers severe psychological pressures that may threaten the student's life.
  •  We have a team capable of dealing with emergency cases, such as suicide attempts, threats of suicide, physical abuse, violence, self-harm, trauma, and other forms of such cases.
  • Those responsible for implementing the protocol deal only with the student, where intervention from any other party in the university is forbidden otherwise, the intervener will be subject to legal liability.
  •  In case of such urgent cases, the student can visit the center or call during official work hours (from Sunday to Thursday, 8:00a.m -2:00p.m) 0133330802 (for males) and 0133330849 (for females).
You can also call 997 for emergency services (the Red Crescent).
Published on: 10 April 2014
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