Admissions Department

This department is responsible for:

  • Organizing the process of applications and acceptance of applicants.
  • Receiving the files of applicants for graduate studies and reviewing each applicant's qualifications individually.
  • Preparing a list of applicants who meet the requirements and sending this list to the various academic departments in order to complete the admissions process.
  • Keeping track of those applicants who have been accepted and prepare a list to be presented to the Dean of Graduate Studies in order to make a final decision.
  • Sending the letters of admission to the successful candidates.

Student Affairs Department

This department works to facilitate and implement all academic affairs for postgraduate students as follows:

  • Registration of students for each semester.
  • Keeping track of the students' academic records to ensure that they are following their graduate studies plan.
  • Preparing a complete record of the special tracks of study that are available.
  • Preparing documents for students who have received grants and who have completed their degree requirements. 
  • Follow up on the issuance of financial decrees related to graduate studies. 

Study Programs Department 

The Study Programs Department:

  • Supervises all study programs.
  • Works in coordination with the various program committees.
  • Is responsible for the approval of new programs as well as the modification of existing programs.
  • Is responsible for compiling and preserving all the programs' information on a database.

Information Department 

This department oversees the computer programs used in the Deanship as well as on the website, in addition to preparing booklets and brocheures.  

Graduate Department

The Graduate department works with the Student Affairs Department in order to prepare graduation certificates and follow up with any problems that may come up with the  graduates.

Archiving Department

This department organizes, stores and tracks the Deanship's files.

Fellowship Department

The Fellowhip department supervises and facilities the affairs of non-Saudi students and provides their various affiliates with their semester reports.

Parallel Education Department 

This department oversees graduate programs offered by the parallel education system and follows up on both admissions and graduation requirements. 

Public Relations Department

Public Relations coordinates directly with the Dean on briefings and communicates with the media both inside and outside the University regarding any news about the Deanship of Graduate Studies. 

Scholarship Department

The role of this department is to implement the resolutions of the Scholarship and Training Committee and to facilitate the administrative procedures for scholarships.

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