1. English language programs

Level:   Beginner - Advanced – TOFEL


1. Teach students to speak and communicate fluently in English.

2. Give the students the tools to read and write with ease in English.

3. Provide the students with the skills and academic background to be able to successfully pass the TOEFL test,  which will enable them to enroll in graduate programs in universites abroad.

The course will concentrate on the following:

1. Listening skills.

2. Reading comprehension skills.

3. Strengthening the students' writing skills.

4. Emphasize conversation and communication skills in English with discussions covering a variety of disciplines.

5. Practise taking sample TOEFL exams.

 Target group:  Lecturers and graduate assistants, including both women and men.

2. Computer programs

Level:  (beginner - advanced) for ICDL


1.  Provide the student with both the basic and advanced skills necessary to effectively use computers and familiarze the students with their applications in the workplace.

2.    Introduce the students to concepts and terminology used in information technology.

3.    Provide the necessary knowledge in order to manage and employ the most common operating systems.

4.    Teach the students how to use different office applications effectively in order to further their careers.

5.    Improve the students skills with regards to the MS Office package.

 The course will focus on the following:

1. Operation systems and computer management (OS windows).

2. Word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word.

3. Presentation programs (PowerPoint).

4. Spreadsheet programs (Excel).

 Target group:   Female and Male IAU Employees are elgible to enroll in this program.

3. Achievement Test Preparatory Programs

 1.    Courses for the general ability test:


1. Be able to comprehend clearly what is being read.

2. Recognize logical relationships.

3. Solve problems based on basic mathematical concepts.

4. Drawing informed conclusions

a)   Verbal part:

 The verbal part includes the following types of questions:

1 - Reading comprehension:  understand and analyze the reading text by answering questions related to the content of these texts.

2 - Complete the sentences:  understand the forms of short missing texts and deduce the missing part to form complete sentences.

3 - Verbal analogy:  understand the relationship between a pair of words in the beginning of the question and measure them against similar equivalents given in the choices.

4 - Vocabulary:  learn the meanings of selected words.

b)   Quantitative part:

The quantitative part includes the types of mathematical questions that appear on proficiency tests (according to the type of high school curriculum, such as:  scientific or theoretical).   The focus will be on measurement, inference and problem solving and will requires simple and basic information.

 Target group:  High school students (females and males)

2.  Achievement test preparation:

 Objectives:  The course aims to provide the trainee with the ability to measure his/her understanding of the basics;  these basics are essential for his/her university  progress.


 a)   Scientific majors:

Questions will be drawn equally from the following subjects:   Biology 20%, 20% chemistry, physics 20%, Mathematics 20%, English 20%.

 b)   Theoretical majors:

Questions will cover nine subjects:  Tafsir, Hadith, Tawhid, Fiqh, syntax, literature, rhetoric, history, and geography.

 Target group:  High school students (females and males).

4. Summer program for children of employees of Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University

Axes of the program:

1.     English programs:

Program aims to study the English language:

1. English Grammar

2. Basics of dialogue, conversation, in English

3. Listening skills

4. Skill of reading, understanding and conclusion

 2.     Computer programs:

Computer program aims to study the three training programs (for which the trainee to choose one program only), namely:

1.     Office program:

              •        Arab print program manager

              •        Microsoft Office Word 2007

              •        Microsoft Office Power Point 2007

2.     Internet program:

               •        The use of social networking sites

               •        Web Expression 4 program

3.     designs program:

                •        Adobe Photoshop

History of the program:

                •        Beginning of the summer semester of each year

                •        The end of the summer semester of each year


Deanship of the preparatory year and Supporting Studies at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University:

                 •        Building 500 for students

                 •        Building 300 for students

The time of the program:

                  •        attendance at 9:00 am

                  •        2:00 pm to leave at noon

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