Dr. Nasser Saud al Rayes

Praise be to God and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for joining our great institute that is cherished by our leaders, may God bless them, and I wish you success in your academic life.I would like to welcome the students of the Preparatory Year, who are the pioneers of the future. 

Thirteen years of knowledge, progress and outstanding success have passed since the establishment of the Preparatory Year program at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University:  a success that will continue, God willing. 

This program arms students with the knowledge and basic skills that will help them get engaged in the learning program of their choice at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University. The vision of the Preparatory Year program is to give students the basic skills necessary in order to keep pace with the ever changing developments in the fields of knowledge by using the newest and most effective educational methodologies available in order to get the intended outcome and reach the future goals of each student here at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University. 

Study plans, that meet the quality and academic accreditation standards, have been developed that offer our students the chance to obtain and enhance their English language skills, computer capabilities and form a solid foundation in the basics of scientific knowledge. An essential role of the Preparatory Year program is to improve the students’ life skills, develop their personalities and their sense of leadership. Furthermore, our Basic Science course refines the students’ knowledge in this essential discipline and the Islamic studies courses play a crucial role in deepening their understanding of Islam.

The Deanship supports learning through encouraging creativity, innovation and active participation in students’ activities. It also raises the awareness of fitness and health issues for students. The program has academic advisors who are always available to give advice and guidance to the students during this transitional period from high school to university.   

The Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies provides highly qualified administrators and faculty members for the purpose of improving the learning standards of students in the different fields of knowledge. We put the foundations of modern science together in order to prepare students to get involved with college life on both the emotional and intellectual levels during their academic careers.

Due to the importance of electronic services, the webpage of the Preparatory Year Deanship has been developed to provide students with instructions, regulations and any necessary information or inquiries.  It also enables the students to communicate directly with the Deanship. 

Dear Students,

In order to keep up with developments and to be at the forefront, you always have to push yourselves towards progress and make your best effort. Your daily and educational lives need your total preparation in order to obtain the best results and opportunities.  Joining the Preparatory Year program at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University is highly encouraged. We at the Deanship wish that the Almighty will always help you excel in all your endeavors. 

I wish you all the best,

Dr. Nasser Saud al Rayes
Dean of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies

Published on: 09 November 2014
Last update on: 13 December 2023
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