Tufail Yousif Al-Yousef
Director of Directorate for Public Relations and Media
Phone: 3333777
Email: talyousef@iau.edu.sa

Abdullah Mohammed Al Tamimi
Director's Office Manager
Phone: 3333766
Email: aaltamimi@iau.edu.sa

Mohammed Ahmed Alabdullatef
Advertising and Marketing Services Department Manager
Phone: 3333765
Email: malabdullatef@iau.edu.sa

Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Sulaiman
Media Department Manager
Phone: 3333761
Email: malsaliman@iau.edu.sa

Yousef Ahmed Al Quadheeb
Phone: 3333767
Email: yaagadhib@iau.edu.sa

Ali Ahmed Al Shihab
Phone: 3333762
Email: ashiab@iau.edu.sa

Saleh Mohammed Abu Helayel
Phone: 3333769
Email: smhelayel@iau.edu.sa

Nourah Al Nuaimi
Administrative Assistant

Mohammed Hayder Al Darwish
Phone: 3333763
Email: modarwish@iau.edu.sa

Abdulkareem Ma’atouq Al Ibrahim
Phone: 3333768
Email: amalibrahim@iau.edu.sa

Humood Ali Al Khaldi
Administrative Assistant
Email: haakhaldi@iau.edu.sa

Nayef Anwar Al Balushi
Public Relations
Phone: 3333759
Email: nalbalushi@iau.edu.sa

Fatimah Khalefah Al Raheem
Public Relations

Obaid Jazzaa Al Shammari
Public Relations
Phone: 3333770
Email: ojalshammari@iau.edu.sa

Mohammad Tawfiq Al Essa
Public Relations
Email: mtalessa@iau.edu.sa

Mustafa Hassan Al Taleb
Public Relations - Financial
Email: mhaltaleb@iau.edu.sa

Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Al Omar
Public Relations
Email: aaamro@iau.edu.sa

Saeed Hussain Al Jaseem
Administrative Communication
Email: shaljaseem@iau.edu.sa

Abdulrahaman Ali Al Abdulltif
Technical Support
Phone: 3333772
Email: aaalabdulatif@iau.edu.sa

Ali Jaafar Alabdullah
Email: ajalabdullah@iau.edu.sa

Abdulrahman Salman Al Hwati
Email: asalhaweti@iau.edu.sa

Published on: 05 August 2014
Last update on: 13 November 2019