Public Relations Department

One of the duties of the Public Relations Department is to accompany and arrange meetings for auditors with the University's president, the vice presidents and with various sectors within the University.   In collaboration with the Dean of Student Affairs, the Department actively participates in the preparation of student visits.  The Department works closely with the Deanship of Admissions and Registration to arrange receptions for new students as well as plan the various graduation ceremonies held at IAU.  This Department is also responsible for making all the necessary arrangements for visiting professors.

Press Department

The Press Department is in constant contact with reporters and news editors and provides them with the news of the University and is responsible for keeping up-to-date on issues relevant to the University.

New Media Department

The New Media Department covers news, events, and activities of the University through various media organizations, as well as issuing internal press releases that highlight events at IAU. The Department keeps track of what is published about IAU on a daily basis, then conveys what information is relevant through monthly press releases.  This Department also contributes articles regarding events and exhibitions organized by the University.

The University’s Newsletter Department

The University’s Newsletter is published by the Directorate of Public Relations and Media at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University. Three issues are published during the semester and it is considered the University's main newsletter. The newsletter consists of IAU's news, events, local news coverages, reports, opinion polls, and articles. It provides an excellent opportunity for faculty members, students, and all employees to freely express their views.

University Protocol Department

The University Protocol Department has a variety of responsibilities, which include scheduling meetings for the president with distinguished guests to hosting receptions and other functions, as well as conducting tours of the University campus for guests of the University.

Radio and Television Department

This department coordinates with the regional radio and television outlets in order to highlight the various meetings and sessions held by the university administration with senior officials.  The responsibilities of this Department also include training individuals in audio-visual media with the goal of preparing competent professionals who will go on to work professionally in radio and television.

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