The Directorate for Public Relations and Media plays a vital role at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University. This office works with various entities both inside and outside of IAU. The Directorate is continually involved in establishing and building ties between the University's students, faculty and staff and the community by publicizing the numerous research acheivements and activities, both academically and scientifically, that are taking place at IAU. This office is concerned with the University's public image and continually works to present a correct image of IAU that accurately reflects the University's objectives and achievements and it is also involved in efforts to enhance the University’s relationships with various public and private organizations.  The Directorate is committed to the promotion of IAU, both within and outside the University.  

Affiliation:  This directorate is directly affiliated with IAU's president.


To build bridges of cooperation and trust between the University and the local community, as well as with relevant regional and international bodies through excellence and innovation and to keep students, faculty and staff informed regarding the latest developments in the world of knowledge.


Promote the role of the administration in creating an engaging scientific and academic environment throughout the various sectors of the University with the purpose of disseminating knowledge among all IAU students, facutly, staff and the local community as well as establish cooperation with entities outside the University.


  • Respect for others and their opinions
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Professional excellence and creativity

Strategic Objectives

  1. Publicize the academic and research missions of the University, as well as the significant role IAU plays in community service.
  2. Inform and engage the students, faculty and staff at the numerous colleges and departments of the University with regards to the needs of both the internal and external community.
  3. Portray a positive image of the University in the community.
  4. Interact and respond to the needs of the community by providing information, facts and statistics about IAU.
  5. Communicate with various media organizations to publicize the mission and goals of the University as well as IAU's  positive impact and contributions to the community.
  6. Provide media organizations with news, events and activities that are sponsored by IAU.
Published on: 04 August 2014
Last update on: 03 September 2018