Departments and Tasks of the Management Team

General Director 

Responsible for planning and implementing all procurement and bidding processes, including supervision of procurement requests and conducting public bidding processes, as well as following up and monitoring the work of committees originating from the department, such as Tender Opening Committee for public and restricted bidding, qualification and reverse auctions, as well as following up on their implementation and following up on transactions received from or directed to the department.

Deputy General Director

Performs and monitors the duties of the General Director in the event of his absence or delegation and assists with daily supervision and follow-up as needed.

General Competition Division

The division is responsible for conducting public bidding (tenders and auctions), beginning with the publication of competitive information, bills of quantities, specifications, and terms and conditions; coordination with applicant agencies and their acceptance by authorized holders; publication on the accreditation platform and follow-up on technical inquiries received from applicants; coordination and communication with  Expenditure and Projects Efficiency Authority, the Local Content and Government Authority, Public Procurement, and other related agencies. The department also manages and monitors bank guarantees for bid bonds.

Direct Procurement Division

Implement, supply, and secure urgent and emergency purchase orders and limited competitions with a cost of fewer than 500,000 Riyals.

 Contracts Division

Record, register, enter into, and track contracts with applicant and other relevant government agencies.

Incoming and Outgoing Division

Track incoming and outgoing documents in and from the department's correspondence system and ensure that related files and documents are delivered, received, and accounted for by other entities.

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