A brief about the Administration 

The administration was established in its new form in 1430H (2009) after the Council of Ministers decided to split the two parts of King Faisal University in Dammam and the University in Al-Ahsa into two separate entities. The name of the university at the time of separation was Dammam University, which was later changed to Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in 1438H (2016).

Duties and Responsibilities of the Administration

The General Directorate of Procurement and Competitive Bidding of the Office of the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, considered as one of the most important Directorates, plays an important and effective role in ensuring and meeting all the needs of the University, in obtaining the maximum benefit for the University, in supervising the supply, in coordinating with requesting authorities, in negotiating with suppliers, in awarding procedures, in implementing contracts, and in following up all of the Department's work with the relevant authorities in accordance with the public procurement competitive tendering procedure, executive regulations, and circulars issued in this regard within the financial allocations authorised in the University's budget.

Its duties and responsibilities can be summarized as follows:

  • Follow up, update and execute the University's annual procurement plans.
  • Secure the University's and its affiliates' need for materials, equipment, devices and   services (supply/implementation).
  • Manage and monitor the limited and public procurement processes and competitions, including tenders and auctions.
  • Create and enter processes, issue invitations and announce them in the accreditation platform (Etimad).
  • Review and approve direct purchase orders and requirements according to the system followed.
  • Reply to queries in the accreditation platform (Etimad).
  • Follow up and implement projects and coordinate with the requesting authorities and the relevant committees.
  • Manage quote requests or discounts by any means available.
  • Prepare documents and files related to pamphlets and contracts.
  • Prepare and review of contracts according to approved forms.
  • Implement contracts and purchase order and prepare the payment plans.
  • Apply a prequalification and post qualification process after the initial award.
  • Follow up and terminate of final award and contracting procedures.
  • Receive the bid bond and final bank letters of guarantee for public competitions.
  • Receive  objection applications from applicants for public competitions via the accreditation platform (Etimad).
  • Document the contracts in the accreditation platform (Etimad) and request approval from the Ministry of Finance to execute the contracts.
  • Track contract execution, complete procedures for change orders and all contract modifications.
  • Retain and archive of contractual documents.


The University's General Directorate of Procurement and Competitive Bidding ensures that the needs of the University are met and implemented accurately, expeditiously, and efficiently. It makes the best use of available material resources to secure needs according to priorities and in the best interest of the University in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the competitive tendering and public procurement system.


The General Directorate of Procurement and Competitive Bidding strives to meet the needs of the University in order to achieve the highest level of professionalism and proficiency in accordance with the rules, regulations and procedures governing the competitive tendering and public procurement system.


  • Team spirit 
  • Creativity
  • Transparency
  • Mastery


  • Ensure quality, price, and timeliness in meeting the University's needs.
  •  Provide the university regularly and continuously with what it needs to ensure the progress of the educational process.
  •  Provide what the university needs as quickly as possible and with the best advanced methods and procedures, including the accreditation platform (Etimad).
  •  Streamline procurement processes and public bidding and consider them in every way in advance and at a sufficient time, and incorporate them into the University's future plans after reviewing them and ensuring their usefulness.
  •  Develop and establish a close and continuous relationship with other relevant government agencies and suppliers to ensure continuity.
  •   Work to achieve the vision and mission of the University by meeting all the needs and requirements of the educational process.
  •  Achieve the highest accuracy and efficiency in securing the needs of the University.
  •  Acquire a full knowledge of annual needs and permanent consumption.
  • Operate the role of committees and the efficiency of decision-making.

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