In reference to the Statue Regulating Financial Affairs in Universities issued by the Higher Education Council No. 6/2 dated 11/6/1414 H, the Office of the Financial Controller is responsible for the proper utilization and implementation of the University's budget. All the disbursed payments or financial transactions to the employees or companies and institutions that provide the University with services has to be audited authorized before being paid. The Office of the financial Controller’s main job is to insure a high-level performance by university’s staff in the financial matters.


Excellence in the provision of financial control at the University through the optimum use of fixed and movable assets at IAU.


To achieve the optimum use of the University's fixed and movable assets to reach IAU goals. 


    • Accuracy
    • Objectivity
    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Accountability
    • Considering public interest


      1. Ensure optimal use of IAU's fixed and movable assets.
      2. Ensure implementation of financial regulations and when processing payments or collecting fees. 
      3. Ensure transparency, by making payments in accordance with the specifications outlined in the budget.
      4. Guarantee accuracy of all payment documents and make sure that they are approved by the authority.
      5. Guarantee accuracy of account records, inventory of funds and check the custody trusts and consignments.
      6. Ensure Integrity by participating in offers committee for the bids submitted to the University.
      7. Ensure that all regulations and rules relevant to the warehouses are applied and fulfilled through the supervision of inventory.

      Organization Structure

      The office of the Financial Controller is directly associated to the H.E.President of the University in authorizing financial documents. All the financial transactions shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant financial regulations and procedures.

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