Department of Human Resources Development

Recruitment, Succession and Promotions Unit

To ensure and safeguard the interest of the General Directorate of Human Resources, the Succession and Promotions Unit performs the duties to achieve satisfaction and affiliations, enhance job loyalty for University’s Employees, in-order to motivate them to achieve organizational goals, which contributes to achieve the vision and goals of the University, improve the performance quality of the employees, apply Regulations, issue necessary Circulars in the field of Succession and Promotions for Faculty Members, Lecturers, Teaching Assistants, Administrative and Medical (Paramedical) Staff. 

Major Tasks of the Unit are:

Appointments and Promotions of

  • Faculty Members
  • Administrative Staff
  • Medical (paramedical) Staff

Workforce Planning Unit

Where the unit carries out a continuous process to determine the numbers and capabilities of the current human resources in the university, predict future requirements and take all steps to ensure the availability of skills and resources that meet all the needs in the future, by identifying the gap between supply and demand for manpower and developing the necessary action plans to address those gaps. Providing different types of employees with diverse skills and competencies that meet the requirements of work within the university to achieve its vision and goals.


  1. Determine the most suitable size for the workforce.
  2. Building and developing the competencies of the university staff concerned with manpower planning.
  3. Supporting data-driven decision-making regarding the workforce.
  4. Proper planning and planning to find the organization's need for qualified and qualified manpower to fill jobs in the future.
  5. Identifying the right talents in the right place and time: in line with the requirements of the work environment.

Quality and Institutional Excellence Unit

The Quality and Institutional Excellence Unit was established by the decision of His Excellency the President of the University on 22/09/1441 H, in line with the aspirations of the University and its strategic plan and the adoption of local and international quality standards towards excellence in the level of performance, productivity and services provided. Following are the tasks of this Unit:

1. Implementing quality and academic accreditation procedures.
2. Conducting the University’s organizational studies and updates the regulatory manuals periodically.
3. Follow-up on the implementation of the approved work regulations and submitting suggestions for further development.
4. Facilitating the work procedures at the University, designing, and developing the models to be used, and adopting and updating the procedures manuals.

Following offices are included in this Unit:

  •  Quality Assurance Office
  • Administrative Quality Office

Administrative Formations Unit

This unit prepares the University’s budget (Chapter One) for each fiscal year, which includes the creation, elevation, and modification of certain administrative, health, academic and educational functions, processing data in the human resource system and documenting them in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development platforms.

Job competitions, keeps records of promotions for Faculty Members, following procedures linked with the job and updating job and employees’ data on the electronic system of the University and that of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

In addition, it participates in the work of the relevant committees and mutually work with the rest of the Deanship to improve and develop the services provided to the beneficiaries.

Job Performance Unit

The job performance unit is concerned with measuring employee’s performance through specific standards and levels linked to the University’s goals. The University applies the performance management process in order to continuously raise the performance and productivity of its employees.

This mainly aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Improving and increasing employee’s productivity through performance evaluation consistent with the strategic goals that the University seeks to achieve.
  2.  Encouraging and enhancing individual achievements in order to achieve the spirit of teamwork.
  3.  Promote a culture of continuous learning and increase the employee’s development opportunities.
  4.  Enabling the University to continuously identify and appreciate high performing employees.
  5. Enabling the University to identify low- performing employees and prepare plans to enhance their performance.

Training and Development Unit

The unit conducts the training needs analysis, develops the annual training plans, supervises the implementation of training and development programs and follows up on the results of its activities in order to raise the efficiency of the university’s administrative staff in a manner that supports the achievement of the university’s goals.
Among the tasks of the unit:
• Collecting and studying the training needs of the university's administrative staff.
• Developing and implementing training plans.
• Receiving and approving nomination applications for training programs held inside and outside the university.

Happiness and Loyalty Unit for Retirees

The Happiness and Loyalty Unit for Retirees was established by Administrative Decision No. 49091 dated 29/05/1440 H. This unit seeks to achieve a healthy balance between work and the employees professional and personal life as well as to enhance the culture of communication and interaction between employees and the work place by instilling the concept of contributing to society and spreading the culture of continuous learning and development for employees which supports the achievement of personal and professional goals and the desired accomplishments of the employee through planning and implementing initiatives and events that contributes to improving the work environment and institutional culture.

Prominent objectives of the unit are as follow:

1. Taking care of employee health: psychologically and financially.
2. Create an environment conducive to job stability.
3. Strengthening inter-relationships, which will positively affect job performance.
4. Preparing retirees before retirement, for a positive life ahead.
5. Fulfilling service loyalty for retirees and social communication.
6. Facilitating all procedures for termination of service for retirees.
7. Benefitting from the efforts and experiences of retired professors.
8. Continuity of communication between the retired employee and the University in order to create harmony between the University’s employees.
9. Establishing a comprehensive database for retired University employees to facilitate communication with them and to be benefited from their experiences.
10. Taking care of people with disabilities and the special needs of the employees at the University by creating a supporting environment for them.

Target Groups:

All University employees including educational staff, health staff, technicians and administrators on the job and retirees.

Digital Transformation Unit

The unit analyses work procedures and electronic systems for their development to identify the immediate and future needs of the beneficiary sectors and coordinating among them. It subsequently redesigns the systems and procedures for the necessary selection of appropriate forms, answering the inquires of the beneficiaries and carrying out other work related to this field.

Talent Management Unit

The Talent Management Unit of the General Directorate of Human Resources, helps the University to build a talent hunting network and managing high potential employees, develop plans to identify workers and retain them. It also helps to build provision of talented network in- order to lay the foundation for the long-term success of the University in particular and the Kingdom in general.  

 Talent Management is one of the basic functions of the human resource system and is considered one of the four pillars of human resources in addition to the functions of training and development, development of leaders and rewarding planning, it is also related to workforce planning and management performances.  



As a responsible Institute (University) that looks forward to the future in which talented people are trained as future leaders. 


  1. Express the potential of the talented persons. 
  2. Developing a comprehensive and integrated care system for the talented force. 
  3. Stimulating development in the field of gifted professionals. 
  4. Strength partnership and integration with strategic partners. 
  5. Improve and enhance the opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the beneficiaries.
  6. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness in day-to-day activities of the University. 

Human Resources Operations Management

Administrative Communication Unit

The definition of Administrative Communication:


  1. Receiving Incoming mail. 
  2. Allotting subject title. 
  3. Allotting Transaction number in the system. 
  4. Forward the Transaction to the concerned department/section. 


  1. Receiving the Transaction for internal/external distributions. 
  2. Allotting subject title of the transaction. 
  3. Allotting Dairy number. 
  4. Forward the Transaction to the concerned department/section, as directed by the concerned competent officer. 
  5. Recording all the department’s decisions for future reference. 

Saudis' Affairs Section

The Saudi Affairs Department carries out the Saudi employees’ affairs at the University for educational, health and administrative cadres including permits, promotions, bonuses, assignments and issuance of termination decisions according to the rules and regulations of the Higher Education Council and the Ministry of the Human Resources and Social Development.

It, also, updates the job data in the electronic systems and submits the required reports and statistics according to the specialty.

This section, also, cooperates with various departments and units of the Deanship to improve the level of performance and services provided to the beneficiaries of the Deanship in cooperation with the relevant committees.

Foreigners' Affairs Section

The department carries out recruitment work and all employees’ affairs for Non-Saudi’s including procedures and preparation for employment and official correspondence with the concerned authorities inside and outside the University. Also, overseeing the university's electronic transactions in the platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

It, also, updates the job data for Non-Saudis in the electronic systems and submits the required reports and statistics according to the specialty.

This section, also, cooperates with various departments and units of the Deanship to improve the level of performance and services provided to the beneficiaries of the Deanship in cooperation with the relevant committees.

Payroll Section

The Payroll section performs the following tasks:

  • Prepares the Monthly Salary of the Employees in the University and at King Fahd University Hospital.
  • Preparing and executing financial dues of all kinds (overtimes – travel tickets, Scientific Council, End of Service reward, Scholarship Allowances, compensatory leave allowance, Compensation of the commission's fees, housing allowances, teaching hours allowances, furnishing allowance, bills for summer assignments, excellence allowance, disbursement of Education expenses for the children of faculty members, deportation allowance, direct compensation for public funds, remuneration for mail distributors). 
  •  Preparation and executing of deductions of all kinds and their direct impact on monthly salaries (absence deduction - Social Development Bank deduction - real estate development fund deduction - housing premium deduction - delay deduction - electricity consumption calculation - water deduction.
  •  Exclusion/revenue deductions - excluding salary/income deductions)
  •  Execution of annual bonuses.

Government Relations Unit

The Government Relations Unit carries out the following tasks.:

1. Issuing and renewing residency permits.

2. Issuing exit, Re-entry and final exit visas.

3. Update new passport information.

4. Submit recruitment applications.

5. Activate visit requests.

6. Adding newborns.

7. The extension of the visit visa and the extension of the exit and return visa.

8. Passports review when there are notes.

Ticketing Unit

This Unit perform the following tasks:

  • Issuing boarding orders for Saudi and non-Saudi faculty members and administrative staff.
  •  Issuing boarding orders for beneficiaries from outside the university with official qualities, such as: visiting professors, delegations, and official personalities.
  •  Carrying out all procedures related to reservations and their timing and dealing with official and international airlines.
  •   Issuing boarding orders for scholarship students and students participating in official university assignments and the procedures that follow from them.

Employees’ Attendance Monitoring Unit

The unit was established by Resolution No. 73698 dated 11/4/1441 AH. This unit monitors the regularity of University Employees and its subordinate units, their commitment to the bylaws, rules and regulation, and prepares reports and recommendations in this regard.

Records Unit

A service unit affiliated with the General Administration of Human Resources, containing all the files of university current employees, folded records and includes informational documents for employees that the organization uses to carry out its functions.

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