Abdulrahman Alsaad

We are delighted to welcome you to IAU's Printing Press page which is heavily supported by the University's Administration represented by the President of the University who was attentive to create a printing press for the University after the University became unaffiliated from King Faisal University. The Printing Press was established to provide all printing services for its students, faculty members, university hospital, and publishing centers.

The Printing Press is in Al Nawras District in the College of Design's previous building which makes it an ideal environment for a printing press establishment.
The Printing Press offers many services: book, advertisement, leaflets printing, stamp production, and various other paper publications.

The Printing Press was established to fulfill the Vice President of Studies, Development, and Community Service's Vision to unify IAU's identity and reflect the University's outputs. The Vision is achieved in cooperation with the Brand Management Office who designs the products and is executed by the Printing Press to provide high-quality publications.

Abdulrahman Saad Alsaad

Published on: 09 July 2020
Last update on: 10 January 2021
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