The Standing and Executive Committees and Task Forces headed by His Excellency the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs are as follows: 

  • The Standing Committee for Financial Affairs
  • The Standing Committee for Human Resources
  • The Stranding Committee for Exceptional Promotions
  • The Standing Committee for Performance Evaluation Reports Grievances. 
  • Crisis Management Executive Committee
  • Telephones Committee
  • The Higher Committee for Graduation Ceremony
  • National Day Celebration Committee
  • Institutional and Academic Accreditation Committee (Sixth Standard) for Institutional Resources.
  • Institutional and Academic Accreditation Committee (Second Standard) for Governance, Leadership and Management Committee
  • Spending Efficiency Team
  • Energy Efficiency Team
  • The Standing Committee for Bids Examination for the University and King Fahd University Hospital
  • The Head of Accounting Transition Committee 
  • Dismissal Sanction Recommendation Committee
  • Functional Trade-off Committee
Published on: 27 October 2019
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