The Office of Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs supervises nineteen departments and deanships which are considered the backbone of the university. Furthermore, it works efficiently with its staff in order to overcome difficulties and make colleges, deanships, and departments acquire the most benefit from the services according to the regulations and authorities granted to them to meet the needs of all sectors of the university's human resources, such as faculty members and staff. They study the applications, then send them to the deanship of faculty members and employees for announcements. After that, the choices are made, and the distinguished ones who have been selected are contracted within a committee that determines the interviews and the same is true for deanships and departments. In addition to the financial requirements of faculties, deanships and departments, where the General Department of Financial Affairs plays an important and distinctive role in overcoming difficulties finding financial solutions to all the financial difficulties facing the university. Moreover, the Department of General Equipment and the General Department of Procurement work to secure all the university’s needs, such as laboratories, medical furniture, office furniture and other practical and educational needs, and more. Furthermore, as for the general administration of projects and its great role, which is obvious to the university’s employees and visitors, in all the needs of the university, its faculties, departments, deanships, roads, lighting, maintenance, renewal, removal, building, restoration and preservation of green spaces in the university. To sum up, all the above is a brief summary of some of the efforts of the Vice-President’s Office for Administrative and Financial Affairs that it undertakes as one of the seven Vice-Presidents’ offices that derive their directives from His Excellency the President of the University May Allah protect him.


  • Promoting the mental image of Vice President's Office for Administrative and Financial Affairs. 
  • Developing policies and procedures to achieve the necessary flexibility for the university's financial and procurement administrative units. 
  • Developing the university's own financial resources.
  • Continuous updating and automation of electronic services within the university.
Published on: 13 April 2014
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