Located in the vibrant city of Jubail, the College of Applied Medical Sciences Jubail (CAMSJ) stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare education. As an integral part of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, situated in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, this institution is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals with a focus on three dynamic Programs: 

  • Anesthesia Technology
  • Neuroscience Technology
  • Respiratory Care

What sets this College apart is not just its array of Programs but its unwavering commitment to academic rigor and excellence. Within its walls, students are not merely taught but inspired to explore, innovate, and excel. the Anesthesia Technology Program equips students with the skills and knowledge to play a crucial role in perioperative patient care and their involvement during surgical procedures is essential, ensuring patient comfort and safety every step of the way. Similarly, The Neuroscience Technology Program delves deep into the intricate workings of the human brain, preparing students to unravel its mysteries and contribute to advancements in their specialization. Meanwhile, the Respiratory Care Program trains students to become adept at managing respiratory illnesses and emergencies, vital skills in a world where respiratory health is of paramount importance.

But beyond imparting technical expertise, the CAMSJ instills in its students a sense of purpose and dedication to their craft. Motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, students are encouraged to strive for excellence, to push boundaries, and to never settle for anything less than their best. As students become graduates of this College, they carry with them a sense of responsibility and a commitment to serve their communities with compassion and competence. The College's vision extends far beyond graduation day; it is dedicated to nurturing top-notch alumni who will leave an indelible mark which will shape the future of healthcare.


Excellence in health professions education, research, and social responsibility nationally and Internationally 


To graduate qualified professionals in health care striving for development and life-long learning, through distinguished education and commitment to scientific research and community service 


• Accountability
• Social Responsibility
• Collaboration
• Transparency
• Excellence
• Innovation
• Diversity
• Compassion

The College of Applied Medical Sciences in Jubail aims to:

  1. Preparing qualified national competencies in a number of applied medical sciences specializations to contribute to filling the need for these specializations in the Jubail region and other regions of the Kingdom.
  2. Cooperating with health institutions in the region to provide and develop academic programs that meet the labor market.
  3. Contributing to the development of health services in the region by providing studies and applied research on health problems in the region.
  4. Strengthening community partnership to raise the level of health culture in the region.

College study system

The college follows the semester system of study. The duration of study in the college is five years, distributed as follows:

  • Preparatory year for the health track (academic year)
  • Academic study for the specialization (3 academic years)
  • Internship training period (academic year)


Published on: 14 July 2016
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