The College of Architecture and Planning has the following well equipped laboratories which are shared by all the departments of the college to meet the academic, research and consultancy purposes for students and faculties as well as the professional needs of the government and private organizations along with the community services.

Acoustics Laboratory

One of the best laboratory of international standards available at the department of Building Engineering is the Acoustics lab. This lab is equipped with highly professional equipment including lab transmission suit which consists of anechoic and reverberation chambers, air pollution and noise & sound control apparatus etc. The lab covers the needs of undergraduate as well as post graduate courses.

The lab technicians and faculty members related with Acoustics are experienced in various commercial and institution projects ranging up to the industrial level simulations.             

Structures & Materials Laboratory

The Lab has the ability and potential to conduct research experiments. The Lab is equipped with the latest devices and equipment including tensile, flexural and compression testing machines, Non-Destructive Testing apparatus etc. to conduct experiments in accordance with the international standards and specifications. The lab also conducts experiments on new materials for local markets, or to predict and capture the behavior of some structural elements in order to be used in the development of construction specifications and to break up and resolve disputes between different parties. The lab also provides scientific and professional expertise in structural works and construction areas.

Geotechnical Laboratory

Geotechnical engineering is an important field in building engineering since it provides the students with the needed knowledge to understand the soil behavior for different constructions. The experiments conducted in our geotechnical engineering laboratories help integrating our students’ theoretical knowledge with real applications. This helps our students to better understand and realize the importance of different soils parameters and their importance in the design of buildings, bridge foundations, dams, road, tunnels, embankments and slope stability. The building engineering department has one of the best well equipped geotechnical engineering laboratories that provide students with all facilities required to expand their understanding of the principles governing soil engineering properties and behavior. These experiments include, Moisture Content, Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis, Specific Gravity, Atterberg Limits & Shrinkage Limit, Standard Proctor Compaction, Permeability of granular soils, Consolidation test, Direct Shear Test, Triaxial Test, Unconfined Compression Test, California Bearing Ratio Test etc.

Thermal and Energy Laboratory

This Laboratory is equipped with several rigs and test facilities for the demonstration of principles, concepts and applications of theories introduced in various environmental and energy related courses in bachelor and master programs, in addition to serving research and community and industry consultations. The lab is equipped with latest devises and equipment used to conduct a wide variety of experiment and test according to the international standards such as thermal conductivity of insulation materials, heat transfer across the building envelope, indoor environmental quality, air flow & leakage test, indoor climate analyzer, heat stress, thermal comfort monitor. The thermal laboratory has also a large range of equipment for building monitoring, diagnosis & energy audit such as thermal imaging with infra-red cameras, heat flux meters, blower door, duct and HVAC measurements.

The Energy Laboratory has the facility to generate renewable energy from solar, wind, fuel cell, geothermal, water wave and biomass.

Computer Laboratory

A large computer lab which is equipped with latest computers systems and are provided with internet for research. The students, during some courses, use the lab for various software learning e.g. AutoCAD, Revit for Building Information Modelling. The computers are also installed with other related technical software including STAAD and SAFE for structures etc. The number of computers is more than the number of students, hence each student get the full time and completely hands on experience of operating the software for the full time of the lectures.

Model Making Workshop

A huge model making workshop is established which is equipped with high tech equipment for cutting, joining and fabricating various parts of the building models. The equipment includes laser cutters and 3D printers. Students are encouraged to create and produce models of the whole buildings or any part of the building which they design on paper.

Surveying Laboratory

The surveying lab has complete range of survey equipment including the equipment used for traditional surveying methods and the latest surveying machines, GPS, theodolites and total stations. The lab helps the diploma students to learn each and every aspect of surveying in practical manner

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