Leadership in the application of quality standards, accreditation, and continuous improvement at the academic and institutional levels.


Activating quality assurance procedures and processes in the college's inputs, processes, and outputs to improve performance and gain the trust and satisfaction of beneficiaries.


Identity, loyalty, affiliation, mastery, team spirit, participation, transparency, diversity, creativity, social responsibility.


Strategic goals of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit:

  1.  Establishing the internal system for quality assurance and assurance in all components, units, and departments of the college.
  2.  Spreading the culture of quality and accreditation among the faculty members, their assistants, members of the administrative staff, employees, and college students.
  3. Achieving the college's mission and strategic goals by ensuring the quality of educational, research and community activities.
  4. Preparing the college to meet the requirements and standards of the Education Evaluation Authority to ensure quality and accreditation.
  5. Providing appropriate recommendations and proposals regarding the college development plans and academic programs for academic accreditation in the coming years.
  6.  Establish periodic follow-up and evaluation mechanisms for all the college's educational, administrative, and service activities.
  7. Providing technical support and assistance regarding the implementation of procedures and requirements for development and quality in the college.
Published on: 08 September 2020
Last update on: 08 September 2020