Business Administration Department


Qateef Community College is striving and leading towards progress to improve the functioning of the educational process, scientific, and the diversity of disciplines in order to serve the community and the labor market, the Department of Business Administration has been opened with four tracks which are:

  • Investment
  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Supply  Management


The Department of Business Administration at the Community College aspires to be one of the leading and distinguished business schools in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing first-rate applied business education that prepares graduates to succeed in the local business environment.


Preparing qualified business professionals through providing a high-quality applied learning environment with faculty and staff devoted to delivering innovative academic programs to meet the needs of the local labor market and, thus, enhancing the economic and social development in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The general objective or goal of the Department of Business Administration at the community college is to meet the increased local demand for medium-level human resources in business administration in addition to community service and student support.
The department of business administration aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Providing wide-ranging technical and career assessments, certifications to meet area workforce needs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Implementing strategies to increase the number of individuals with high school equivalency programs, building a base for future learning.
  3. Developing and promoting professional development opportunities that are conjointly beneficial to the college and its community.
  4. Promoting career exploration to support potential students in selecting educational programs suited to their interests and abilities.
  5. Provide educational and training programs that prepare individuals to succeed in a local competitive market.
  6. Developing partnership with business, industry, and community organizations to ensure that educational programs meet current, future, and entrepreneurial workforce skill requirements.
  7. Identify and implement new educational and training programs that close gaps in workforce basic skills.
  8. Providing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to ensure that they are up-to-date in their field and in instructional methodologies.
  9. Providing academic assistance, student support services and career services that contribute to student success.
  10. Assisting women in the eastern province, who were unable to complete their higher education due to some financial, social or work circumstances, to improve and enhance their professional skills or adding new skills to enable them to get suitable and decent jobs in the local labor market.
Published on: 02 June 2014
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