An Operation and Maintenance Plan for the commission and operation of the hospital guided by: The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced the Self-Operation Program for Health Services in 2013 for implementation across all academic medical centers in the country. The Self-Operation Program for Health Services (SOPHS) refers to an autonomous management system that is funded by the government and managed by the university’s senior administration. The Board of Management of SOPHS is responsible for budgetary allocations, program design, implementation, quality control, and assessment. The Board is expected to ensure that all aspects of SOPHS are consistent with the mission, vision, and objectives of the nation’s Vision 2030, and create a cost-effective system that is efficient, sustainable and humanistic.

To address the need of academic health center for both strategic and operational plan, two comprehensive broad areas was framed:

A Process Plan that comprised:

    1. Feasibility study
    2. Financial Plan 
    3. Design of the hospital
    4. Construction under supervision of the University administration
    5. Capital Equipment 
    6. Equipment planning that provided for the depreciation and non-depreciation of assets 
    7. Project Management System

An Operation and Maintenance Plan for the commission and operation of the hospital guided by:

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Organizational structure under a Chairman
  3. Laws governing staff
  4. Policies and Procedures governing operations
  5. Allocation of operational privileges and credentials

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) - Self-Operation Program of Health Services 00546

The Self-Operation Program for Health Services (SOPHS) of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (formerly University of Dammam) was established in 2013 with the principal aim of creating the highest level of efficiency among the constituents of the University.  Among its objectives were to find cost-efficient ways of meeting the specific and unique demands of a rapidly growing medical market characterized by severe shortages of qualified medical and other health professionals.

In particular, the program was established to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats experienced by King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU) and at other medical facilities affiliated to the University.  But more generally, SOPHS was set up to provide turnkey executive and human resource management services for the whole of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University.

The domain of operations of SOPHS is given below:

King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU)

  • Cardiac Center
  • Renal Department
  • Critical Care Center
  • Family and Community Center
  • Dental Hospital
The comprehensive scope of services provided by SOPHS comprises the following:

  • Business plan development and feasibility study
  • Human resources that include:
  1. Employee and staff planning
  2. Staffing and recruitment
  3. Physician recruitment
    • Training, supervision and retention of hospital staff

    We are amongst the newest Self-Operation Programs for Health Services in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and do our utmost to ensure that patients at all medical centers affiliated to the University receive the best medical care.  Thus far, SOPHS has recruited an excellent team of doctors, nurses and technical staff, who have proven their credentials time and again.

    About SOPHS of IAU

    When SOPHS was set up in 2013 to serve the needs of King Fahd Hospital of the University (KFHU) and all the other medical centers of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU), it laid out the following vision, mission, and values to guide its work:


    To become a center of excellence in planning, utilize resources effectively, and develop a systematic approach in recruiting outstanding healthcare professionals for the health areas of the University.


    To be a multinational hospital system dedicated to the management of health services through the use of innovative human and technological resources.


    • Commitment 
    • Discipline 
    • Integrity 
    • Collaboration
    • Accountability
    • Diversity

        True to its aims, SOPHS at IAU has a large team of talented and experienced doctors, who are further supported by highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated support staff and cutting edge technology.  As for infrastructure, KFHU at present has around 630 beds, including ICU units, operating theatres, a state-of-the-art catheterization lab, an ultra-modern dialysis unit, besides a host of other world-class facilities.  In respect of the turnkey services management for hospital operations, SOPHS has identified steps that will enable KFHU to reach its full potential.

        1. Recruit distinguished and highly qualified medical, professional, and administrative staff to work at the university hospital.
        2. Ensure that a sufficient number of consultants and expert academic staff and researchers are available.
        3. Recruit human resources as per international standards, and not merely with the objective of satisfying the minimal requirements of the civil service.
        4. Promote efficiency by ensuring that there is no duplication of tasks, both for medical service and academic work.
        5. Provide medical education, training and health profession education.
        6. Achieve and maintain accreditation status and international standards.
        7. Develop a sustainable competitive advantage for the hospital to ensure high levels of quality, patient service and competitiveness.

        In keeping with these operational objectives, SOPHS – Human Resource Services has consistently focused on identifying the manpower needs of King Fahd Hospital of the University and the other medical centers affiliated to Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (IAU) and design and implement a well-planned clinical and administrative services portfolio.  It addresses specific job profiles, approach to recruitment, and training needs.

        Thus far, SOPHS has established a reputation for focusing on quality candidates, being vigorous in the selection process, and conducting face-to-face interviews nationwide, as opposed to working blindly with large numbers.  It is the aim of SOPHS to address the shortage of qualified Saudi nurses and ensure that high levels of job satisfaction are created so that job retention rates stay high.  Most candidates recruited have reported a smooth transition and a relatively trouble-free process of adjustment.  The Recruitment Department ensures that all recruited personnel will have a pleasurable experience, with communication being fast and efficient.

        Post-recruitment, SOPHS offers custom-built training programs for medical and administrative staff.  Employees in the training phase are attached to a mentor in a clinical and/or administrative department at the University’s hospitals and medical centers.  Training programs generally range from 45 to 90 days and have classroom-based, hands-on training, and self-study components integrated into the curriculum.  In addition to this arrangement, SOPHS arranges for periodic training programs, which focus on building capabilities and skills in specific areas.  These programs are designed to provide all employees of IAU with an opportunity to learn of the latest advances in their fields, and of ways in which they could incorporate best practices in medical services with their own work at University medical centers.

        SOPHS is committed to supporting IAU’s aim of becoming the leading university hospital in the country through excellence in management and through the provision of educational and training activities to all staff members employed in clinical disciplines (i.e., physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, etc.).  Education and training activities are aligned with the university’s mission and vision as well as with internationally recognized best practices.

        In general, SOPHS uses a customized portfolio of operational analyses to establish a framework for the further acquisition of the most advanced facilities and for operations that meet international standards of patient safety and quality care.  Our aim is to elevate medical services of IAU to world class status.  SOPHS main objective is to prepare the ground to start the new hospitals.  

        While we have set ourselves some ambitious goals, we are proud that, as of now, with extensive and high quality medical expertise supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure, the medical centers of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University have already emerged as the most preferred healthcare destination in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

        SOPHS main objective within the era of transformation 2020 plan is to prepare the ground to operate the new university health service either directly or through partnership with private.  Different modalities of private involvement with public services such as:

        • Public private partnership (PPP)
        • Private sector participation (PSP)

        This matter is still under negotiation trying to be synchronized with 2030 vision.  Starting with the transformation 2020, SOPHS is looking to be the principal operating body of all IAU medical services chaired by the CEO that supervised by council of trustee.

        The second level of Administration will be the Chief Executive Director of

        • Academic
        • Operation
        • Medical
        • Finance

        Academic will include:

        • CPD 
        • Post Graduate Training
        • Internship
        • Clerkship
        • Research


        • Human Resources 
        • Support - logistic
        • Support
        • Engineering


        • Director of the center
        • Director of the hospital
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