A leading institute for excellence in research, creativity, and entrepreneurship nationally, regionally, and globally.


To perform world -class medical research and provide the kingdom with skilled researchers and professionals to enhance the scientific innovation and the knowledge-based economy Forming a team of aspiring researchers to work on achieving the strategic research plan 2015-2025 of the university.


Research ethics, scientific integrity and responsibility to achieve an economy that supports the nation.


  • Activate the Institute's community participation by providing community-related services from each research department.
  • Collaborate with other departments and faculties of the University to encourage joint research. 
  • Contribute to research activities at the local and global level in addition to establishing a forum for knowledge exchange, research cooperation and experiences through conferences, seminars, workshops and publications.
  • Achieve and maintain the largest number of scientific publications. 
  • Achieve innovative and high-level scientific research at the local and global levels.
  • Contribute to the knowledge-based economy and privatize research results.
  • Conduct research that contributes to finding solutions to the environmental challenges that have emerged as a result of the development of the oil and petrochemical industry in the region.


Published on: 10 April 2014
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