The university has been noted as an important and successful instructional institution focusing on graduate education of KSA citizens, predominately in the health related professions, but also, in the engineering and design fields of study.

Volunteer Program in the field of scientific research as well as in the fields of IT, training, HR and administration provides the volunteers with a chance to experience authenticated research environment, learn new skills and enhanced knowledge. Volunteer Program also serves as a breeding ground for identification and recruitment to full-time faculty and staff.


  • To evaluate the learning abilities and skills of a prospect employee.
  • To provide authentic working experience in an international research institute.
  • To prepare for a successful career in the chosen field of scholarly output and/or scientific research.

Benefit as a Volunteer at IRMC

  • Authentic work environment.
  • Maintaining skills and learning new technique(s).
  • Network  and collaboration with multidisciplinary fields.
  • Service to the Scientific Community.
  • Recognition by the Scientific Community.

To apply, Fill the form and send it to