The Institute of Consulting Studies of IAU provides services in the fields of research contractual studies, consultancy, scientific supervision and management of consulting services on the basis of paid contracts. The Institute has five main functions:

First: Contractual Services:
The institute provides contract-based scientific and applied research for the public and private sectors, as well as civil society organizations. Through the University's human, technical and technological resources, the institute contributes to finding solutions to developmental, social, environmental, economic, industrial and business problems.

Second: Supervisory Services:
The Institute of Consulting Studies contributes to the provision of supervisory services to the governmental and private colleges and institutes outside the University. The major of that is to provide scientific experience and professional supervision relating to the evaluation and preparation of curricula, academic programs, and institutional and academic accreditation.

Third: Consulting Services:
The Institute of Consulting Studies contributes to the provision of consulting services to many public and private sectors as well as civil society organizations by allowing the University faculty members to contribute to the provision of consultancy in their fields of specialties as per the full or part-time consulting system.

Fourth: Expertise Houses Services:
The Institute of Consulting Studies contributes to enhancing the principle of partnership between the University and the community through availing opportunities for the faculty and teaching staff members to provide academic, consulting and training services (i.e. Expertise Offices) to all groups of the society in all disciplines and all scientific and research domains.

Fifth: Language services and Translation consultancy
The institute provides professional language and translation services for the public, private and civil society organizations in all disciplines and all scientific and research domains.

For example, are not limited to, we can provide the following services:

  • Research  and scientific study consultancy
  • Institutional & program accreditation consultancy
  • Scientific management consultancy
  • Medical consultancy
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Environmental study consultancy
  • Architecture, planning and design consultancy
  • Language services and translation consultancy
  • IT consultancy
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Entrepreneurship consultancy
  • E-Learning and distance learning
  • Legal consultancy
  • Quality and safety consultancy
  • Branding management consultancy.
  • Human resource consultancy
  • Accounting consultancy
  • Economics consultancy
  • Media and mass communication consultancy
  • Real estate management consultancy
  • Private Institution management consultancy.
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