The Deanship of Academic Development periodically hosts international experts and leading training organizations with the aim of transferring and localizing quality expertise and benefit from these partnerships at the university and individual levels.

Target Participants: Academic leaders, department heads, and faculty members.
Number of programs of each topic: 4 international training programs.
Duration of each program: Two days (7 training hours per day).
Participants receive the program completion certificate.

The program aims to:

  1. Provide advanced educational opportunities and international expertise for faculty members at IAU.
  2. Create partnerships with experts and international institutions at the university and individual levels.
  3. Elevate the level of teaching and learning practices at the university through the development of quality training content, the participation of experts in teaching and learning, and the provision of advanced international experiences.

Program Topics

The Deanship hosted 8 international academic programs, covering the following topics:

  • Micro Teaching
  • Assessment Strategies in Higher Education
  • The Magic of Teaching
  • Teaching Skills in 21st Century
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Advanced Teaching Strategies in Higher Education
  • Teaching for Creativity and Innovation

International Cooperation

The Deanship of Academic Development has worked with a number of internationally recognized experts and higher education institutions, for example:

Experts: Prof. Paul Morris, Dr. Eleanore Hargreaves
Institution: Institute of Education, University of London
Country: United Kingdom

Experts: David Scott, Tina Beth Isaacs
Institution: Institute of Education, University of London
Country: United Kingdom

Experts: Dr. Linda B. Nilson
Institution: University of Clemson
Country: United States

Experts: Dr. Augustine Tan, Dr. Tan Boon Lay  
Institution: Nan yang Technology University 
Country: Singapore

Experts: Dr. Beverley Webster, Dr. Mark King 
Institution: Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, University of Melbourne 
Country: Australia

Experts: Elizbeth Rider-Grant, Mark Weyers
Institution: The International Institute of Academic Development 
Country: Canada

Experts: Paul Reali, Laura Ryan
Institution: Buffalo State University, NewYork, USA
Country: United States

Experts: David Timson, Emma Woodbine
Institution: The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London
Country: United Kingdom

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