This program is a collection of workshops offered by the Deanship of Academic Development during the first week of each semester. The workshops are designed to prepare faculty members for the profession, especially those who recently joined the University through hands-on training provided by academic staff of the Deanship. The first Week Program in each semester includes new topics that are presented for the first time.

Target Participants: All faculty members (especially new members), teaching assistants, lecturers and heads of academic departments.
Number of workshops: 12-15 workshops.
Duration: 3 hours per workshop.
Participants receive certificates of attendance.

Overall, the program aims at:

  1. Preparing faculty members for the new semester.
  2. Improving the teaching and learning practices at IAU through the training of faculty members, especially those newly recruited.
  3. Offering entirely new topics that meet the needs of faculty members.

Topics of the Program

The Deanship offers 8-10 new topics in each program, which are selected based on the needs assessment of faculty members carried out by the Deanship. The program often presents topics that examine recent trends in teaching and learning.

Published on: 10 April 2018
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