The program adopts a holistic approach to building leadership capabilities in the academic institution. The program includes five main levels, which contribute to the discovery, preparation, making, development, and strengthening of academic capabilities at every potential leadership level. The program helps the academic institution develop its leadership capabilities, starting with promising leaders, new leaders and people expected to assume leadership positions in the future, then current leaders who are already performing leadership tasks, second-line leaders who are assigned advanced leadership tasks, and ending with people in higher leadership positions and leaders Strategists and senior leaders.

Program Duration

The duration of each program is two days - 12 training hours (not including breaks), a total of 10 training programs distributed on all the proposed levels.

Objectives and General Outcomes

  1. Discover and train people who are promising leadership and are expected to assume leadership duties.
  2. Enable the leaders of the academic institution to understand their roles and develop their leadership skills and capabilities.
  3. Enhance the academic institution’s contributions towards achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 vision through leaders, and linking its objectives with the requirements of Vision 2030, especially with regard to developing human capital, ensuring compatibility between educational outcomes and labor market needs, improving the ranking of educational institutions, and improving the performance of the government agency.
  4. Confirm and enhance the competence of leadership capabilities in the academic institution and its ability to deal with the challenges of change in higher education.
  5. Create a platform for academic leaders to lead the current and future strategic transformation in the academic institution.


Five levels of the Academic Leadership and Leadership Building program in higher education

  • The first level: Self-leadership.
  • The second level: leading others.
  • The third level: leadership of leaders.
  • The fourth level: functional leadership.
  • Fifth level: institutional and strategic leadership

The first level: Self-leadership

Program Duration:

12 training hours for each program (2 days), 3 short intensive programs.


Promising leaders, new leaders, new department heads, leadership-leaning faculty, people expected to take on leadership roles at the first level.

Highlights of the level:

  • Leadership roles in Saudi higher education institutions.
  • Lifelong learning skills.
  • Thinking and brainstorming skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Self-planning skills.
  • Directing ambition and motivation.
  • Self-leadership skills (according to the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders Model).

The second level: Leading Others

Program Duration

12  training hours for each program (2 days), 3 short intensive programs.


Current first-level leaders, faculty vice deans, deanships deans, academic department heads, new department heads.

Highlights of the level

  • Fundamentals of leadership and supervision.
  • Communication skills for leaders.
  • Creative problem-solving.
  • Planning skills and achieving goals.
  • Building effective work teams.
  • Work stress management skills.

The third level: Leadership of Leaders

Program Duration

12  training hours for each program (two days), two short intensive programs.


Colleges’ deans, Deanships' deans,  the institution's second-line leaders, people expected to assume advanced leadership roles.

Highlights of the level

  • Situational leadership.
  • The art of decision making.
  • The art of meeting management.
  • Delegation and assignment skills.
  • Skills of motivating others.
  • Exemplary leadership (according to the leadership challenge model).

The fourth level: Functional Leadership

Program Duration

12  training hours for each program (two days) 1 short intensive program.


Executive leaders, university vice presidents, first-line leaders in the academic institution, people expected to assume senior leadership roles.

Highlights of the level

  • Lead by goals.
  • Organizational development skills.
  • Career planning and making goals.
  • Leading academic goals.

The Fifth level: Institutional and Strategic Leadership

Program Duration

12 training hours for each program (two days) 1 short intensive program.


  • Senior leadership in the academic institution.
  • University presidents.
  • University vice presidents.
  • Executive Leaders.

Highlights of the level

  • Leading change (according to John Kotter's model).
  • Institutional leadership.
  • Strategic leadership.
  • Transformational Leadership.
  • Leadership impact (According to John Maxwell's model)

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