The Deanship of Scientific Research at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University is dedicated to expanding and reinforcing its commitment to research, creative activity and intellectual curiosity.  The Office expects faculty and staff to continue their professional development through active participation in research and other scholarly pursuits.

The Office of the Dean of Scientific Research is committed to providing the optimum environment to carry out innovative research and realize new discoveries across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  Moreover, the Office of Scientific Research will take steps designed to generate and sustain an environment where faculty and students can collaborate in research that will contribute towards the economic development of the area and towards improving the health status of the population. 

The primary goal of the Deanship of Scientific Research is to provide and sustain an environment of ethical scientific research and discovery that creates new knowledge and opportunities for economic development and diversification, as well as promote an improved quality of life in the communities we serve.  In addition, the Office will use its extensive facilities and those of the Prince Mohammed Center for Research and Consultation Studies, which will be staffed by experienced scientists, clinicians, technicians and administrators, as a platform to conduct research that will lead to new innovations in industry, clinical research, stem cell technology and genomics as well as explore their future applications.  Furthermore, the Office of the Dean of Scientific Research will contribute towards the training of local scientists, engineers, architects and clinicians in order to fulfill the objectives of Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University and the five-year National Plan through applied research, training and educational programs at postgraduate levels.


Provide the vision and support to become a world class scientific research institute that serves humanity.


Create an ideal environment for scientific research and innovation that enriches knowledge and raises the performance of researchers through training with both financial and moral support.


The Deanship of Scientific Research at Imam AbdulRahman bin Faisal University is guided by the objectives of the Unified Regulations for Scientific Research in Saudi universities, the quality standards set forth by the National Commission as well as the standards required for criteria for academic accreditation.

  • Develop and guide a promising generation of distinguished researchers and promote graduate research known internationally for its excellence.
  • Participate in transferring, settling and developing appropriate innovative technology for various university disciplines.
  • Strategically plan for both the short and long term in order to produce high quality research and periodically review and adjust these strategic plans.
  • Provide consultation on scientific issues that the local community faces and encourage joint research collaboration with global scientific research agencies. 
  • Facilitate all types of ethical scientific research that meet the standards of renowned, peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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