Based on the vision of our ambitious kingdom, that our country will occupy the ranks of the developed countries in all fields, which scientific research highlights the most important areas, and to draw for that a road map with God's willing will create a comprehensive and sustainable qualitative shift by giving attention to economic diversification and putting it as a basic target and necessary condition for building a more sustainable modern economy emanating from the ambitious plan of the Kingdom 2030 vision on a broad targeting of economic diversification and reducing dependence on oil as the only source of depletion.

This important national transformation requires the participation of higher education in this ambitious vision through our university and its research centers that invest the minds of researchers. As one of the vision's most prominent goals is that five Saudi universities achieve advanced ranks among the top 200 universities in the world rankings. To ensure this, the scientific research system must be developed, and conducting high-quality research and impact factor in Saudi universities.

The importance of scientific research is highlighted by the increasing of countries depending on scientific research, as they realize the importance of scientific research in achieving progress and cultural development and its continuity. It has now become a methodology to be followed to reach the wide horizons, and it has become recognized matters among academic institutions and research centers.

From this point, universities in advanced countries have devoted special attention to research and development programs, by providing the appropriate scientific environment in which scientific research can grow and flourish under our rational government, and to contribute to follow-up all  the developments in the fields of scientific research in all parts of the world to convey the impact of this on our beloved country and its citizens, with God's power and strength.

Dean of Scientific Research

Dr. Nuhad Abdullah AlOmair

Published on: 10 February 2020
Last update on: 03 March 2020
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