University housing is considered one of the most important factors which influences the lives of university members; either faculty members, staff or students. And due to the developments and expansions that has occurred in the University it has become obvious that the University Housing Directorate should also develop and change. The Housing Directorates role is to provide suitable and convenient housing for its members and to provide all the housing services through preparing a specialized administrative and supervising organization which aims at providing comfort and stability for its residents.


The Housing Directorate aims at providing housing units in a suitable environment for University members to help them in preforming their tasks in a healthy atmosphere that is regulated by socially approved behaviors and Islamic laws.


  • To provide appropriate housing units.
  • To distribute the housing units due to available regulations.
  • Follow up on the maintenance and operation services in the housing units.
  • Receive the housing units from transferring or departing residents and to prepare the disclaimer documents.
  • Addressing the related administrations to complete the regulatory policies for housing and evacuation cases.
  • Providing rented buildings for different agencies in the University through completing the regulatory policies to start the renting process.
  • Follow-up on the reliance and payment from the renting article.
  • To follow-up on the rent leases for different uses and to renew or end the lease according to the needs and the policies that come after.
  • Contact the owners of rented buildings in order to follow-up on the rental, evacuation and maintenance related issues.
  • Supervise on the University’s incoming guests in coordination with the Public Relations and the Maintenance Department.
  • To attend to the security and safety in the University housing units in cooperation with the Security and Safety Department in the University.
  • Providing housing leases for residents.
  • Supervise the event hall in the Housing compound and to prepare it in cooperation with the Maintenance Department.
Published on: 28 June 2016
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