The university office of the President includes several administrative units that are consistent with its tasks and services on the varying levels of the beneficiaries. All these tasks and services are conducted under the leadership of the Director of the President's office and the General Supervisor who are responsible for the administrative workflow system.  This workflow system is carried out through a highly skilled integrated working group and under continuing development directions to ensure a high quality and efficient framework.

Secretarial Unit

The unit is responsible for welcoming guests and beneficiaries, scheduling appointments and arranging private and public visits. Moreover, the unit organizes administrative transactions and files that will be presented to the president. The unit is also entrusted with securing and following up on logistical and technical services and all other administrative affairs related to the office of the President.

 Administrative Communication Unit

This unit is concerned with controlling the procedures for sending and receiving internal and external office of the President’s correspondence according to the mailing correspondence systems implemented in the university.

Beneficiaries Service Unit

This unit is responsible for providing informational support to the beneficiaries and responding to their requests and inquiries received via the office means of communication and its electronic systems which are available through various official channels.

Editing and Proofreading Unit

This unit is concerned with the services of editing and printing letters, official correspondence, reports, and minutes of meetings related to the office or its committees and preparing them as per the official identity of the University.

Follow-up Unit

This unit is tasked with tracking all transactions and communicating with the concerned authorities until they are carried out, while ensuring high quality performance, speed of implementation and linking the relevant issues.

Confidential Documents Unit

The unit is responsible for confidential incoming and outgoing transactions. This unit is an independent body that ensures the confidentiality of information and data and edits them as per the University's approved procedures related to confidential documents.

Documentation and Archiving Unit

The role of this unit is to manage the archiving process and secure all the transactions of the office of the President, in a way that ensures flexibility, simple accessibility and availability of documents for feedback, quality management and performance measurement.

Published on: 22 February 2021
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