About The IAU-BSC

The Service Delivery Sector for the beneficiaries of the IAU University is established under the Beneficiaries Service Center (IAU-BSC) to transfer all deliveries of services provided by the IAU University to a central administrative entity with legal authorities managerial and financial disposition. The IAU-BSC is designed and operated to provide all available services to its potential users along with the collaboration of specific administrative sectors to improve the types and quality of the services and its delivery system as well as to locally and regionally guide and expand the use of the IAU assets and build high capabilities in investment.

The IAU-BSC ensures the delivery of the highest levels of service to the IAU affiliated persons and extends these services to cover all residents and expatriates in the eastern region with eased terms and conditions. All procedures will be provided via the IAU-BSC center in the IAU campus or through the IAU-BSC application "Mustafid" that can be reached using its related homepage @IAU-BSC in the IAU official website, either computer interface or smartphones.

Mission,Vision And Values 

The vision and mission of the IAU-BSC are defined in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and the strategic plan of the IAU University, which aims to provide distinguished services to its beneficiaries, to develop prominent competences in service patterns, managerial communication and investment and to sustain governance


High-value services and cutting edge service-delivery system for all.


 The IAU-BSC Center is a leading directorial and organizational center of the Imam AbdulRahman Bin Faisal University. Its main mission is to guarantee the delivery the available services on its seven campuses. The scope of this mission goes beyond this task to create the administrative and organizational system and to train the professional cadre with the intention to improve and to sustain these services, to create innovative ones and to expand the numbers and sectors of the beneficiaries. The IAU-BCS is thus committed to :

    • Providing top-quality sustainable service-delivery services
    • Training the next generation of professionals to accomplish the center goals
    • Discovering and implementing operational to expand the service outcomes
    • Empowering local and regional communities for enhanced quality of life with variation of services in tune with the 2030 vision via awareness, service, research, technology and innovation

Core Values 

The IAU-BSC has five basic values that underline the commitments in-built in the center’s mission : Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence. The basic values express the attitude and the performance of the center’s staff and policy. They are tailored for the center staff, collaborators and the IAU community as the foundation for performance assessment, enrolment and our staff training.

    • Reliability : Act with great ethical standards. Abide by the uppermost-specialized procedures. Preserve the expectation and support of all with whom the center engage.
    • Accountability : Work thoroughly to serve the IAU affiliated persons, their families, and other beneficiaries. Be thrusted by the IAU vision and mission and accomplish the organizational responsibilities.
    • Efficiency : Operate in a constructive and competent fashion to accomplish predictable and measurable outcomes. Promote a resilient culture of learning and innovation to successfully meet the evolving needs of the IAU beneficiary and off-campus community.
    • Creativity : Look for the utmost operative answers, adopting innovative tactics and adjusting to existing and future administrative conditions to meet the dynamic and changing needs of the beneficiaries.
    • Advocacy : Be User-centered by distinguishing, entirely allowing for, and properly advancing the interests of potential users and their needs.
    • Recognition : Treat all beneficiaries with dignity and respect.
    • Distinction : Work toward the utmost quality and persistent progress. Be considerate and influential in governance, held responsible for the center’s conducts, willing to assert inaccuracies, and be ardent to adjust them.
    • Build Bridges : Work collaboratively within our organization and with our external partners to ensure the provision of the best possible standards of services and service-delivery.

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