Dr. Bassam H. Awary
Dean College of Medicine
Fax: +966 13 3330220
Ext: 3331080
Email: cm-dean@iau.edu.sa

Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Almaie
Dean's Office Director
Ext: 3331080
Email: malalmaie@iau.edu.sa

Dr. Mohamed S. Madadin
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Ext: 3331032
Email: cm-vdaa@iau.edu.sa

Dr. Kholoud S. Al Ghamdi
Vice Dean for Scientific Research and Innovation
Ext: 3331089
Email: cm-vdhs@iau.edu.sa

Dr. Mohammed A. Aljumaan
Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs
Ext: 8594147
Email: cm-vdca@iau.edu.sa

Dr. Mahdi S. Abumadini
Vice Dean for Development and Community Partnership
Email: cm-vdqd@iau.edu.sa

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Last update on: 23 July 2023
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